i'm so

glad you're

you don't have to walk through this alone

I imagine you found yourself here because there is something in your life that is bringing you pain. I’m here to tell you that you do not have to walk through this alone. I honor the courage and vulnerability it takes to ask for help, to look at our wounds, to embrace the messy parts of our lives. I consider it a privilege to hold space for meaningful change and healing with my clients, and I would love to support you in your process.  

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I offer individual, couples, and family therapy to support the treatment of relational issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, illness, grief, and loss. To accomplish meaningful change, I take a collaborative approach with the intention to discover strengths and instill hope.  


When it comes to values, I prioritize

connection and curiosity, agency and accountability, credibility and creativity
What this looks like in my approach

I embrace curiosity as a passage to deeper connection. Yes I have done this work before and my training and clinical skills are important, but I have not yet done this work with YOU. I will hold space for your story, so that my support addresses your unique needs. I also believe that therapy should be two things, 1) safe and 2) productive. I recognize that therapy is an investment of resources (time and money), and I believe in holding myself accountable to empowering my clients in reclaiming their agency and getting back into their lives. Lastly, I believe that therapy is an art. The heart of my work is in the creative integration of myself, the unique needs of my client, and identifying the most credible intervention to support meaningful change. I have training in evidence-based approaches that have been proven to be effective as well as postmodern approaches to therapy that prioritize a client’s individual experience and the client/therapist relationship.

my specialities include
life transitions
relationship issues
perinatal mental health

my focus

I’m actively involved with the perinatal support community and have worked with both women and men who face the challenges that come with infertility, loss, adoption, pregnancy, and the postpartum year.

After receiving a Masters degree from the University of San Diego, I went on to pursue a doctoral degree from Loma Linda University. I’m certified in Medical Family Therapy and teach courses related to Marriage and Family Therapy at both the undergraduate and graduate level at the University of San Diego. As an AAMFT-approved supervisor I also provide part-time supervision and consultation to MFT trainees and interns in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of California, San Diego.

I believe the client/therapist relationship is the most important component of therapy, therefore I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to help you determine if I am the right fit. Besides a therapist and educator, I am also a wife and mother. I enjoy exploring San Diego with my family and use my free time to write and pursue other creative outlets.