individual therapy Emotional and relational pain is a universal human experience. This means you are not alone, yet often we go through these painful experiences alone. You don’t have to. I work with my clients to support them during difficult times and in accomplishing the change they wish to see in their lives. While therapy can be a lifelong journey for some, it can also mean inviting someone into your life for a critical period of time when you deserve the support needed to get back to your life. I’ve worked with individuals from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, and I am LGTBQ affirming. I will take the time to get to know you, your values, your experiences, and your goals.

couples therapy I work with couples at all stages. Couples therapy can be beneficial whether you’re in a committed relationship, engaged to be married, newly married, approaching your 50th wedding anniversary, or maneuvering separation/divorce. I work with couples to improve communication, strengthen relational understanding, and deepen connection.

family therapy The heart of my clinical training is in family therapy. This means, even if I am working with you in individual counseling, I am paying close attention to the important relationships and environment around you. Families can be our safe haven, but sometimes these close relationships can be the most painful. I have experience working with the entire family in therapy, and this type of work can lead to some of the most long-standing and positive change.

teletherapy I reserve a few slots in my private practice for teletherapy sessions. These live video therapy sessions are offered to anyone in the State of California, allowing accessibility and convenience when it’s hard to get into the office. I use a secure HIPAA platform (Simple Practice) to conduct these video sessions.
consultation for therapists

after the long journey of getting licensed

I realized, as many therapists do, that while I was confident in my clinical skills, I had no idea how to start a business. Hello anxiety and fear! Along with not knowing how to start a business, I had also accepted the discourse that as therapists we should remain small, quiet, and private. I worked through this, and I truly believe that as clinicians we CAN step into the larger wellness arena, while also upholding the integrity of our licenses. I offer business coaching for therapists who are interested in feeling equipped to build modern private practices that allow them to grow and share their skills, while also recognizing that this can pull us in many directions...and we NEED to take care of ourselves. I also offer a comprehensive e-course to support the business side, creative side, and self-care side of being a clinician and growing a private practice. Enrollment opens in November, but in the meantime I have a resource to offer you NOW! Click below to download a 10 page modern private practice guide to get your business off the ground!