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your complete private practice roadmap

From the initial vision to your well-deserved vacation, this comprehensive private practice training covers EVERYTHING you need to know, but didn’t learn in grad school!

This E-course includes 4 Key Modules:

  1. Vision + Values: Gain clarity on your ideal client, the values that drive your business, what sets you apart (niche and specialties), and your ideal schedule. Explore your ideal work environment that meets both your needs and the needs of your clients.

  2. Start Up 101: Cover topics such as: establishing and protecting your business, teletherapy, paperwork, record keeping, setting your fee and common expenses. You’ll get real numbers, formulas for setting your fees, and important things to consider like setting up a professional will. For those of you interested in getting an in-person office, we will get in touch with your inner interior designer and discuss the ins and outs of designing a functional and beauty-full therapy office.

  3. Modern Marketing: Explore the landscape of modern marketing! Our goal here is to give you creative options that allow you to reach your ideal client and share your voice and work. We will explore topics such as: "branding" as a therapist, building a website, blogging, building an e-mail list, an intro to podcasting, collaborations and building community connections. Tired of only trading your time for money? This module has a whole lesson dedicated to diversifying your income! Lastly, we will dive deep into the world of social media. You'll leave with tips and tricks to create content and boost your engagement while exploring important legal/ethical considerations as a licensed professional.

  4. Boundaries + Balance: In this final module we will explore the ways that scarcity mindset, comparison, and burnout can steal the joy from our job and I'll offer antidotes to help you reclaim your energy and passion. We will also talk about ways you can prepare for vacations and retirement, because...you deserve it!


postpartum prep e-course

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